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SEVCH Tadington´s Poison Was The Cure

Bonnie´s pedigree & merits


Bonnie is one out of ten (10) puppies, 6 girls and 4 boys all blue roan. From parents  PRA- and FN free, daddy Dan-L´s Dollar Sign "Preben" CAC at show, mummy Tadington´s Angel On My Shoulder "Molly" Excellent at show
At show 1st prize/Excellent in Sweden, Denmark & Germany also a VDH-CAC at show, Swedish Tracking-Champion/SEVCH and "Known mental describtion".
Bonnie is our beloved CiCis grandchild. 
2014-05-25 Bonnie got her first puppies, 6 lovely blueroan puppies with MultiCh Aro´s Ricardo ♥
Född/Born: 2009-11-23
Färg/Colour: Blue roan
Höfter/HD: B/C
Ögon/Eyes: Clear 2016-03-23
PRA-prcd, hereditärt fri /Clear
FN/ Heriditärt fri /Clear


2017-06-17 SRA Göttingen, DE, judge Alenka Pokorn, SL - Excellent 1:2 VDH Reserv-CAC
2017-06-18 SRA Göttingen, DE, Judge Christiane Lohmann, DE - Excellent 1:1 VDH Cac, 3d Best Bitch
2017-08-12 Open show Degeberga, judge Sabina Swahn, SE - Excellent 1, HP, BOS
2015-11-22 SRA Iserlohn, DE, judge Moray Armstrong, GB - Excellent (5)
2013-03-03 SSRK Gundog show Moheda, judge Johan Andersson, S - Openclass - Excellent 
2013-05-19 Open Show Nödinge, judge Sandra Williams, UK, Openclass - Excellent
2013-06-01 CACIB SHOW Neumünster, Germany, judge Sandra Radomski, DE, 1:3/VG
2013-09-08 IRA Cacib Rostock, DE, judge Herbert Klemann, DE - Openclass Excellent 1:1/Vorzüglich 1 with VDH-CAC 
2013-11-24 SPK Skensved, Denmark, judge Lilian Jonsson, S - Openclass Excellent (5)
2012-08-05 CSV Open Show Bjuv, judge Helle Dan, DK - Openclass - Excellent HP  
2010-03-28 SSRK Bohus, judge Michael Masters, GB, Puppy 1:3 HP
2010-03-27 SSRK Bohus, judge Joanna Darby, GB, Puppy 1:4 HP
2010-05-13 Open show Landskrona BK, judge ?, BOB Puppy (out of 4)
2010-05-30 SSRK Hasslarp, judge Göran Bodegård, S, 1:2 HP 
2010-06-12 Open show Höganäs, judge Marie Ulatti, S, BOB Puppy

2013-09-08 IRA Cacib show Rostock - Excellent with VDH-CAC

Bonnie with a goose wing April 24th 2010
2012-10-28: Bonnie got her third 1st prize and can now call herself Swedish Tracking Champion!
Judge aspirant Jessica Nilsson & judge Kim Norlin, Vedema.
2012-06-10: Bonnie got her second 1st prize openclass tracking under judge Kim Norlin, Vedema.
Bonnie fick sin andra 1:a
Provförlopp: En tik som idag före ett mycket bra arbete i skogen. Lugn, metodisk och noggrann. Välförd av matte.
Ett trevligt ekipage.

2012-05-26 Bonnie har känd mental status, ÖBK // Bonnie got Known Mental Description.
2011-11-19: Bonnie got her first 1st prize openclass tracking under judge Eva Bermsjö, Vedema!
Bonnie fick sin första 1:a idag!
 Allmänt omdöme: En pigg och glad liten tik som ringar och arbetar fin i spåret. Klarar alla svårigheter med energi och noggrannhet. Välförd av en lyhörd husse.
2011-04-24, Bonnie got approved tracking aptitude test at Vedema, judge Kim Norlin.
Bonnie has completed phase 1 and 2 at the "hunting and retrieving course" in spring and autumn 2010, now  phase 3 in winter/spring 2011 and a tracking-school start april 2011. Continue with openclass-school September 2011 -  2012....

At first gundog show in March 2010, SSRK  Bohus - she got HP .
Bonnie got 1:1 with HP and BOB-Puppy at first Open show in Landskrona, her beatiful sisters Poppy 1:2 and Flisa 1:3 out of four pup´s. Well done Mia and Malin! (2010-05-13)
At Gundog Show Hasslarp May 30th, judge Göran Bodegård, puppyclass II (6-9 months) Bonnie 6 months old was showed by Taddy to 1:2 with HP out of 7 sweet puppygirls!
Again BOB-Puppy at openshow 2010-06-12 Höganäs, Lovely brother Zebb BOS - Congrats Mats & Allis!

2010-05-30 From left Lightblue Mousche 1:4 &Bonnie 1:2 Hp (littersisters)  and Ängla 1:1 HP (same dad) gundogshow in Hasslarp Sweden

Bonnie / Tadington´s Poison Was The Cure/ retrieving (April 2010)

Bonnie /Tadington´s Poison Was The Cure/ enjoy the sea April 14th 2011
In Agrias photocompetition shared 4th place (out of 14 lovely pic´s)